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If you are looking for AHAVA, Premier, Sea Of Spa, Mineral Care and all alike Dead Sea Products, you have come to the right place! First, let us take you to the place where it all began.

At the lowest point on earth, where desert and water meet to create one of the world's most marvellous and unique bodies of water, lies the Dead Sea - an ancient resource for human beauty and health. The sea, whose main tributary is the Jordan River, is a reservoir of extraordinary salty water and healing sediment, and both are rich in important minerals.

At, you can purchase the Dead Sea Products, the Premier Dead Sea products and the Dead Sea Mud that you have been looking for.

Ancient peoples from the four corners of the earth knew about the healing and cosmetic qualities of the Dead Sea long before science and industry gave their stamp of approval. It became one of the world's first health spas when Herod the Great built a resort on its banks to himself and his entourage. And even before Herod, many and varied products were harvested from the Sea - balms for the Egyptian mummification, an assortment of pharmaceutical products, even Cleopatra obtained special rights to build pharmaceutical factories in the Dead Sea area.

Ancient peoples were not the only ones looking for the healing and cosmetic powers of the Dead Sea. The secret of the Dead Sea's natural contribution to human beauty and health derives from the 21 different minerals that compose its waters. Twelve of them are not known to exist in any other body of water in the world. The trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulphates and sodium found in the seawater are believed to be absorbed through the skin.

The power to rejuvenate and renew yourself is no longer a dream. You do not have to take a long, expensive trip to a spa in order to try the magical touch of Nature. Try us! You can test our vast assortment of Dead Sea Products, Premier Dead Sea products and Dead Sea Mud,and we will send our products to you in the safest and fastest way!

Our Premier Dead Sea Products are made with the best and most advanced technology for supplying an immensely varied range of products. We have invested many years of serious scientific research to achieve the qualities for which our products are famous. We never use animals in our labs. Our Dead Sea Mud is collected from the sediment on the banks of the sea where sulfuric springs flow. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, as well as sulfur, phosphorus and to give you the health and cosmetic benefits that result from the unique fusion of water, air and soil that come from the lowest place on earth. Our Dead Sea Products are made from the most pure and natural minerals and herbal oils that nature has to offer. Our line of products contains about 140 items, ranging from skin-care products, hair and body care, toiletries and cosmetics, as well as medicinal skin products. We export our products all over the world.

Do not hesitate to inquire about our products by contacting our representatives. We can assure you that that you will enjoy the Dead Sea Products, the Premier Dead Sea products and the Dead Sea Mud. Our line of products comes from the world's leading manufacturers.

We offer our assurance that when you make purchases from our online shop, you will find the most secure and reliable means of buying this blend of Nature's gifts and scientific knowledge from this very remote piece of land and sea. Please check our Service Charter to see our Security and Return Policy. Please contact our online Customer Service representatives to make your shopping more pleasant and comfortable.
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